XYO Use Cases

About the XYO Use Cases category (2)
Real world cross chain advertising dApp (1)
Orienteering and Other Outdoor Classes (1)
GEOcache reward system (1)
Special needs busses (1)
Amazon echo should integrate it (3)
Time IN and Time Out Card App. for phone (1)
Consensus algorithm expanded (1)
Loss prevention at stores (1)
OMG! WHat happen If you Die or LOSE your crypto! (1)
Voting Use Case (3)
Luggage Tracker (1)
GeoLocation confirmation by journlists to combat fake news (3)
Recreational and commercial boating/shipping tracking (4)
Active directory integration with XYO (1)
Pediphile tracker, convict tracking, government employee tracking (2)
TRAC Coin & OBE Organic (1)
Maybe a good idea (1)
A fleet.of drones sentinel and archives (1)
Sticker like bar code (2)
Automatic Direction Finder (4)
BITA use cases for XYO (1)
Track trains for vehicles crossing railroad tracks (1)
Taxi cabs carrying sentinels would have proof of location or perhaps pizza or other food delivery (2)
Type 1 Diabetes Camp (2)
Car Rental Companies can locate lost or stolen vehicles (1)
Tracking jury summons (1)
Ski lift ticket Buying & Tracking (1)
Hotel dApp Quest - Spatial Tickets Giveaway (1)
Attendee tracking at the confrence (1)