San Diego, CA XYO HODL'ers


Any XYO HODL’ers in San Diego? Would love to host an Unofficial (Official) meetup in the area :slight_smile:


What about Irvine? It is only ~55-65 mins away… That being said, I was bummed out that I missed the one you had earlier in SD.


Hi IlyaSh, We’d love to come up there soon, we’re pretty much neighbors!

One thing about us being from out of town is making the contacts for a venue that will house us for 2-3 hours so it’s always nice when our community members help us make those initial connections. We can always take it from there. :wink:

Also, if you ever want to host your own XYO meetup let us know and we can provide you with all the resources to get you started :slight_smile:



I got you a space, lets get in contact to work out the details.


Hi guys! I Live in San Diego! Let me know if/when you guys meet up!


Shoot us an email at - I’ll connect you with a few members of the team to organize.


Done, thank you!


I’m interested in San Diego Meetup’s - thanks!